Our First-Ever Hybrid Conference

With the GrubStreet community’s input and our tracking of the latest uncertainties around Covid-19, we have decided to host the Muse and the Marketplace 2022 as a hybrid conference, combining the best of last year's event with in-person gatherings to network, connect, and learn

  • Week 1: Wednesday, April 27–Sunday, May 1
    • Sessions on craft and publishing will take place virtually, as they did in 2021.
    • Parties, events, and other gatherings will take place in person in Boston and will follow the most current public health guidelines. As the conference nears, these entirely optional events will be announced and made available for an added-on price. For those who cannot attend in person, we will host virtual evening events and will facilitate new ways for virtual Muse-goers to connect and network.
    • This week will include goal setting, small cohorts of writer friends and those working in your genre, and 70 sessions given by excellent guest authors on the craft of the novel, memoir, poetry, and more, plus sessions on navigating the publishing world led by premiere literary agents, editors, publicists, and more.
    • Nearly all 70 sessions will be recorded, so if you are unable to follow the programming in real time, you may absorb the richness of the residency on your own schedule in the weeks afterward.
  • In our Agent Info Sessions, a popular writer-agent networking event from 2021, you may join a small group of fellow writers to hear directly from a given literary agent on what manuscripts they are seeking.
  • Author’s Galleria Info Sessions with directors of MFA programs, author photographers, and other services for writers.
  • Surprise guests, little joys, and a “package of intrigue and fun” sent directly to your door, the contents of which will be revealed as the residency unfolds! Those outside the US and who register after April 1 will receive a virtual package of fun and intrigue. Physical packages are limited and available while supplies last!
  • We look forward to including writers from all over United States and the world.
  • The Muse 2022 will take place on a platform called Hopin, a one-stop destination where all your sessions, cohort meetups, and chats with other attendees will happen. Within the platform, you can connect with other conference-goers at the click of a button.

Week 2: Wednesday, May 4–Sunday, May 8

  • The ever popular Manuscript Mart, with all agents and editor meetings happening over the phone.

We will continue to add agents and editors to our roster until early March, so keep checking back!


Manuscript Mart submissions deadline is Monday, March 28, at 11:00 AM EDT!

Submit HERE.

For an additional fee, attendees meet one-on-one with a literary agent actively seeking new clients, an acquiring editor at a publishing house, or a literary journal editor. These consultants will have read twenty pages of the attendee's manuscript before the conference and will provide direct feedback from an industry perspective. Attendees will receive their Manuscript Mart schedules the week before the residency begins.


Join a private, small-group session with a literary agent of your choice, who will explain what kinds of manuscripts they’re seeking, answer questions about how they evaluate query letters, approach editors, and work with their author clients. This is a special opportunity to learn directly from an agent about how they work, and to ask any questions you may have. Reserve your spot in advance, so that you’ll know exactly which publishing professionals you’ll be meeting with.


How much does it cost to attend Muse 2022? A general admission ticket to Muse 2022 will cost $279, and will cover entry to the virtual conference venue, all craft and publishing sessions, and all online events such as Write Nights and networking sessions. Prices for optional in-person events in Boston will be announced alongside the line-up of events in early 2022. Scholarships covering approximately 50% of a general registration or $140 are available in a number of categories, with an application deadline of Monday, November 8, 2021.

When does registration open? Stay tuned, registration dates for Muse 2022 will be announced soon! GrubStreet members will be invited to register a few days before the general public, both for the conference and for Manuscript Mart appointments and other popular add-on features that we expect to fill up quickly. Join or renew your membership today so that you don't miss out!

Will the virtual sessions be just like the in-person Muse, but online? No—and that’s a good thing. We’ve designed Muse 2022 to “play to the strengths” of the virtual format, rather than simply try to replicate the usual Muse in an online space. While a virtual venue has limitations, it also creates new opportunities that truly excite us. All in all, you can expect the same educational rigor, artistic excellence, and warmth that you’ve come to expect from the Muse.

Can I apply to present at the Muse? Applications to present at Muse 2022 closed on Monday, September 6. For reference, see full guidelines here, and sign up for our mailing list to receive session proposal calls for future years of the Muse.

How can I use my GrubStreet credit toward Muse 2022? GrubStreet credit can be used toward any and all Muse 2022 experiences (tickets, Manuscript Mart meetings, etc.) If you'd like to use your credit toward Muse 2022, before you register, submit this Muse 2022 Credit Code Request form. We'll send you a code to apply your credit before registration opens!

What do you mean by “a hybrid conference?” How does that work? The conference's 70 sessions on craft and publishing will take place virtually, and we'll also provide a dynamic space to connect with presenters, other attendees, conference exhibitors, and more. As the conference nears, you’ll be invited to log into an online portal via Hopin. We find the interface snazzy and intuitive, and we'll have staff and volunteers on-hand all week to help you navigate the system.

Additionally, parties, events, and other gatherings will take place in-person in Boston, and will follow the most current public health guidelines. As the conference nears, these entirely optional events will be announced and made available for an added-on price, including 50% discounts for scholarship recipients. For those who can’t attend in-person, we’ll host virtual evening events too, and will facilitate new ways for virtual Muse-goers to connect and network.

Can I apply for a scholarship? Absolutely! This new format will allow us to issue more scholarships than ever before, and we also expect unprecedented need in our community. All scholarships will be offered based on financial need and an assessment of how the applicant will specifically benefit from our program. We will have scholarships available for general audiences, writers who are promoting literature in their communities, writers from historically marginalized backgrounds, and more. Most tuition scholarships will cover 50% of the ticket cost.

Additionally, there will be a limited number of scholarships available for the Manuscript Mart and other popular add-on features. Due to the limited nature of these scholarships, we want to note that they are only intended for those who would not be able to participate without this financial boost. We know one’s financial circumstances can change and we don’t request any kind of corroboration, but we do ask you to consider this as you decide whether or not to apply. The deadline to apply for scholarships is Monday, November 8, 2021.

Will the Muse ever happen in person again? Absolutely. Every year, we evaluate the present-day needs of our community, and adapt the Muse to what our writers need that year. 2020, 2021, and 2022 are undoubtedly unique years, and hosting the Muse 2022 as a hybrid conference ensures safety and equity for all who wish to come. We look forward to the day when the Covid-19 pandemic has safely passed, and we can return in triumph to the in-person Muse conference.

Are your questions not answered here? Please email them to muse@grubstreet.org!