Have an established literary agent or editor read your work in advance and provide you direct feedback at the Muse.

Your 20 minute, one-on-one session will be scheduled for you during the second week of the Muse 2021: April 28th - May 2nd, between 2pm - 6pm ET. Manuscript Mart sessions are allocated before the conference on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that you must sign up for the Muse 2021 Residency in order to schedule a Manuscript Mart meeting.

Why the Manuscript Mart

We get feedback on our work from fellow writers, friends, and other people who know the craft but not necessarily the business of writing. The Manuscript Mart is a rare opportunity to receive meaningful feedback on your work from an experienced industry professional who’s “in the publishing game” on a daily basis. While a good number of agents and editors do go on to represent clients they meet, the Manuscript Mart is not only about making a potential long-term match, but about using feedback to strengthen your work. GrubStreet tries very hard to ensure that the agent or editor you meet will have read your work closely, considered it carefully, and offered you the best advice they can give, but we cannot guarantee that the person you choose will ultimately be the right fit for you.

Prepare for Your Meeting

For your convenience, we have listed the full Manuscript Mart instructions--from how to sign up all the way down to how to submit your evaluation of your meeting.

Researching & Picking Your Agent or Editor

First, decide if you'd like to meet with an agent or an editor.

Pro-agent folks say: These days, agents often heavily edit their clients’ manuscripts, and so have a lot of experience with both macro and micro issues.  Agents are therefore familiar with the industry as well as the craft, and can guide you responsibly in both areas. Agents are also “gateways” to editors and publishing companies.

Pro-editor folks say: Though the editors’ role has recently shifted toward marketing and positioning of books, the editors at this conference do still edit, and it is likely their greatest strength. Editors’ eyes are trained to notice red flags, redundancies, “lazy” writing; and editors will have unique knowledge about the “state of the market” for your work. And finally: if an editor gets excited about your book, an agent may be more likely to give it a more serious look.

The agent’s or editor’s bio will give you a strong indication what kinds of books they are looking for and what they have represented recently. We absolutely recommend you do your own online research and try to read as many of the books by their clients as you can.

You can also use the search fields we’ve created to help narrow down the list according to genre.

What’s the meeting like? What should I say/ What will the consultant say?

We expect the meetings to be warm, friendly, and professional, not unlike a job interview. The consultant will “lead” the meeting and, given the time constraints, likely launch immediately into giving feedback on your work. They may also begin by asking you questions. Throughout the meeting, you should expect to hear critical feedback that might be difficult to process or accept. If a consultant does not respond glowingly to your work or does not offer you a book deal on the spot, that does NOT mean the work is not valuable or that you have no talent or chances for publication/success; nor does it mean that the critique can not be used constructively to improve your work.

How to Prepare

Because the conversation can be overwhelming, we suggest you take notes on a laptop or notebook or ask the agent or editor if you can record the conversation. Some consultants will have made written comments that they will give you at the end of the session, but often these comments are just marginal notes. Please do not expect a request for your full manuscript. If the consultant would like to see more of your work, they will ask you to submit it at a later date.



A Manuscript Mart meeting costs $209.

No writer should expect an agent or editor to immediately sign them or agree to publish their work during the Manuscript Mart. We strongly suggest that you focus on receiving direct feedback from an active industry professional, which itself is an elusive and valuable opportunity. That said, every year a small but significant percentage of participating writers do sign on with agents and editors they have met through the Manuscript Mart and/or (more likely) initiate relationships that result in book deals.

We have found phone calls to be the most effective way to conduct remote Manuscript Mart meetings. They are far less likely than video calls to have technical interruptions that cut into your valuable meeting time.

Manuscript Mart meetings will take place May 4–8, 2022, from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. If you register for a Writer’s Studio, we will not schedule your Manuscript Mart appointment(s) at the same time.

You will receive your individual Manuscript Mart agenda one week before the residency.

No. Only Muse & the Marketplace 2022 conference attendees may participate in the Manuscript Mart.

As many as you’d like!

Once you have registered for your meeting, you will be scheduled with the agent or editor you indicated to be your first choice. In the unlikely event the agent or editor you selected as your first choice is no longer able to participate, we will reach out for your second and third choices.

We are not able to accommodate changes to your requested agent or editor.