Sarah has been an agent with Levine Greenberg Rostan since 2016. She represents high-concept, genre-busting literary novels, psychological suspense, upmarket, big-hearted family epics, unique historical fiction, and international, diverse voices.

She reads most types of literary and upmarket commercial fiction, especially novels that show powerful imagination, compulsive plotting and unexpected points of view that say something important or new. Family dramas, cross-genre narratives with light speculative elements, darker narratives that may lead to nightmares and twisty psychological suspense are her favorite kinds of stories, particularly those set in interesting places. She loves books that highlight nature or the environment, especially in extremes.

Sarah is a die-hard for any world immersive enough to make her miss her stop on the train or cry in public. Hailing from North Carolina, she graduated from UNC Chapel Hill with a double major in Psychology and English. She spent her first three years in New York teaching 11th grade English in the Bronx. She began her publishing career almost ten years ago, initially in editorial at Crown and Hogarth.

It’s impossible to list all, but a few of her favorite authors are Shirley Jackson, Gabriel García Márquez, Victor Hugo, Emily St. John Mandel, Erin Morgenstern, Haruki Murakami, Sarah Waters, and Madeleine L’Engle.

It’s impossible to list all, but a few of her favorite authors are Shirley Jackson, Gabriel García Márquez, Gillian Flynn, Stephen King, Haruki Murakami, Sarah Waters, Victor Hugo and Madeleine L’Engle.


High-concept, unique conceits that say something important about race, class, feminism, sexuality; page-turning plots driven by strong prose that scare you, that you can't look away from, that keep you up at night; stories set in wild, obscure and remote places about wild, obscure, remote corners of culture, humanity, and the human experience.


The Lion's DenThe Siren, Katherine St. John
If I Disappear, Eliza Jane Brazier
Please See Us, Caitlin Mullen

Specializes In

FICTION: Literary Fiction, Multi-Cultural, Mystery, Thrillers/Suspense, Upmarket Women’s Fiction


FICTION: Commercial Fiction, Family Saga, GLBT, Historical Fiction, Horror, Romance, Science Fiction, Short Story Collections, Young Adult