A black woman in her twenties, with dark hair pulled back into a bun, wearing a black top and silver jewelry
Mariah Stovall is an agent at Trellis Literary Management, where she represents adult literary and upmarket fiction and narrative nonfiction, all with an emphasis on innovation, voice, and underrepresented perspectives. Prior to joining Trellis, she worked at Howland Literary, Writers House, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, and Gallery Books. Mariah has done volunteer work with Periplus and the VIDA Count. She's also the author of the novel I Love You So Much It’s Killing Us Both.


On the fiction side, I'm looking for voice-driven novels that break the mold when it comes to voice, content, form, or all of the above—books that push the boundaries of the marketplace or fill in its existing gaps. On the nonfiction side, I'm looking for narrative nonfiction with a strong point of view and sociological bent—books at the intersections of history, science, technology, arts and entertainment, politics, and current events. Great writing can get me interested in just about any topic. Note: I am not currently looking for memoirs.


The Death of a Jaybird: Essays on Mothers and Daughters and the Things They Leave Behind, by Jodi M. Savage

Bones Worth Breaking, by David Martinez

This Country Is No Longer Yours, by Avik Jain Chatlani

Oye, by Melissa Mogollon

Specializes In

FICTION: Family Saga, Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction, Multi-Cultural/Global Fiction, LGBTQIA+

NONFICTION: Cultural/Social Issues, History, Music, Narrative, Pop Culture, Women's concerns, Multicultural/Global Perspectives


FICTION: Short Story Collections, Science Fiction, Thrillers/Suspense, Mystery, Humor/Satire, Commercial Fiction, Horror

NONFICTION: Investigative Journalism, LGBTQIA+, Current Affairs, Politics, Psychology, Science, Sports, Technology