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Jonah Straus is the founder of Straus Literary, a boutique literary agency based in San Francisco with a presence in New York. He specializes in literary fiction, often with an international or multicultural outlook, as well as journalism, history, narrative nonfiction, and the culinary arts.

Jonah Straus got his start in the warehouse at Atrium Publishers Group, an independent book distributor in Northern California, and went on to hold positions in production, editorial, sales, and marketing at several publishers in the San Francisco Bay Area.

He moved to New York in 2005, where he worked in marketing for arts and literary programs, including the Selected Shorts NPR reading series at Symphony Space. He established Straus Literary in 2007, and moved the agency back to San Francisco in 2013 while maintaining a regular presence in New York.

Fiction clients include Lambda award winner Achy Obejas (Days of Awe, Ballantine), National Book Award winner John Keene (Counternarratives, New Directions), David Hollander (L.I.E., Ballantine), Gregory Brown (The Lowering Days, HarperCollins), Saramago Prize winner Adriana Lisboa (Crow Blue, Bloomsbury), celebrated Canadian writer Clark Blaise (Lunar Attractions, Doubleday), and Man Asian Prize finalist Eric Gamalinda (The Descartes Highlands, Akashic).

Nonfiction writers include health care journalist Sarah DiGregorio (Early, HarperCollins), Brazilian bestseller Drauzio Varella (Lockdown, Simon & Schuster), environmental whistleblower E.G. Vallianatos (Poison Spring, Bloomsbury Press) and UN spokesperson Gordon Weiss (The Cage, Random House) as well as a select group of chefs, artisans, and food and travel writers.


Beautifully written literary novels with a sense of time and place and often a journey arc; narrative and reported nonfiction on social issues, popular science, and nature and the environment.


The Lowering Days, Gregory Brown
Days of Awe, Achy Obejas
Early, Sarah DiGregorio

Specializes In

FICTION: Family Saga, Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction, Multi-Cultural, LGBTQIA+

NONFICTION: Adventure/True Story, Cultural/Social Issues, Current Affairs, Food & Lifestyle, History, Investigative Journalism, Medical, Memoir, Multi-Cultural, Narrative, Nature/Ecology, Politics, Travel, Science


FICTION: Mystery, Short Story Collections, Humor/Satire, Thrillers/Suspense

NONFICTION: Humor, Men's concerns, Military/War, Music, Parenting, Politics, Psychology, Pop Culture, True Crime, Women's concerns