A white woman in her 40s with brown hair, a plaid coat, and a black shirt leans against a tree smiling.

Beth is the owner of Ladderbird Literary Agency. She has a BA in Literature and a Masters in Business Administration and is always looking for new and exciting ways to bring more diversity into publishing and beyond. Outside of agenting, Beth teaches writing in her local community with a focus on bringing reluctant writers and readers into the magical world of books. She relentlessly searches for more ways to encourage writers to create stories that matter!


In all areas Beth would like to see more works from disabled writers, LGBTQIA+ writers, Black writers, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, Middle Eastern, and all other groups who do not regularly get to see their stories in print. She would love to see more non-binary and Ace representation across categories.

Beth loves deeply character driven stories that showcase joy, resilience, love, clever twists, exciting moments of action, thought-provoking concepts, and really anything that can make her get deep into her emotions.


The Two Lives of Sara by Catherine Adel West
The Haunting of Alejandra by Violet Castro
Strictly No Heroics by B L Radley

Specializes In

FICTION: Commercial Fiction, Family Saga, Fantasy, GLBT, Historical Fiction, Horror, Multi-Cultural, Upmarket Women's Fiction, Young Adult

NONFICTION: GLBT, History, Narrative, Parenting, Pop Culture, Self-Help, Travel


FICTION: Chick Lit, Children's, Commercial Fiction, Family Saga, Fantasy, GLBT, Historical Fiction, Horror, Middle Grade, Multi-Cultural, Mystery, Picture Books, Science Fiction, Young Adult, Upmarket Women's Fiction

NONFICTION: Adventure/True Story, Cultural/Social Issues, GLBT, History, Narrative, Multi-Cultural, Parenting, Politics, Self-Help, Travel