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Praise From Past Attendees

  • The range of workshops–and attendees–is wonderful. The blend of intelligentsia with real world practice is just perfect, and much more lively and inclusive than any workshops an MFA could offer…The Muse attracts a wide range AND has plenty of offerings for people who’ve already been published.

    - Maria M., 2017
  • I had heard classmates say great things about about the conference so I had high expectations.  You exceeded my expectations and I would rate the weekend as 10 out of 5.

    - Marie R., 2017
  • I loved the intimacy of this event. I never felt lost in the crowd. The presenters were approachable, and the conference staff was friendly and helpful.

    - Tara S. 2017
  • It’s a large conference but it feels small and intimate. People are friendly, generous with their knowledge, it doesn’t feel competitive or hierarchical in any way… The craft sessions – every one is like being given a sack full of diamonds.

    - Liesl S., 2017
  • I really felt like I was getting an insider’s glimpse into the world of writing and publishing.

    - Anonymous, 2017
  • Everything was wonderful and the conference is clearly built for the benefit of the writer and the writing community. I learned new things, made new friends, created new connections, and got interest from agents about my current work. Couldn’t ask for more from a conference!

    - Milo T., 2017
  • Best conference out there. Collegial, supportive, non-competitive ethos really stands out, as does the very high overall quality of the authors and presentations.

    - Anonymous, 2017
  • I have made connections to writers I now think of as sisters here, and I’ve been able to pitch to agents I wouldn’t have had access to otherwise.

    - Cathy E., 2017
  • This was an inspiration filled weekend that motivated me to write more than I have been. The classes were engaging and the instructors were well-informed about their subjects. The other attendees were friendly and supportive.

    - Melissa M., 2017
  • Exceeded expectations! At every turn, there was a Grubbie offering to assist.

    - Asata R., 2017
  • …the knowledge I’ve gained from workshops and classes enabled me to finish my book and successfully pitch it to an agent.

    - Anonymous, 2017
  • I learned so much at the workshops that I’m bursting with knowledge.

    - Damond L., 2017
  • The sessions were in-depth, I found concrete tools to help me where my MS was stuck…the quality of the instruction never waivers.

    - Karen W., 2017
  • The speakers on Friday and Saturday…were terrific. The people attending the conference were really friendly and the GrubStreet staff very helpful. I went alone and felt welcome.

    - Beverly B., 2017
  • I especially enjoyed the session on writers of color.  It was very helpful to hear the perspective of those who have gone through this.

    - Shiva S., 2017
  • It was my first time at the Muse & the Marketplace, and I will absolutely be back next year. Was blown away by the range of fabulous sessions, the inspiring keynotes, and the thoughtful ways the conference encouraged participants to connect with each other. I walked away inspired to set new writing goals for myself and felt better prepared to meet those goals.

    - Peter R., 2016
  • If I am successful as a writer, it will be because of GrubStreet and the Muse and the Marketplace.

    - Elaine B., 2016
  • I met SIX agents who offered to look at my work and met a great group of encouraging and supporting writers, and I left the conference on wings of inspiration that will carry me through the next few grueling months of rewrites.

    - Asim J., 2016
  • This was THE best conference I’ve attended in any profession…I could go on and on. Superbly organized and orchestrated. A great balance between Muse-filled sessions and Marketplace-wise sessions.

    - Beth C., 2016
  • Muse 2016 was brilliantly organized, easy to navigate, and wonderfully rewarding. The panels I attended were all top notch. The friendliness of the staff and volunteers was unflagging. The participants seemed well informed and lively. And the visiting authors and publishing professionals were conscientious about offering useful insights and valuable information based on their experiences. I’d recommend this conference to anyone and everyone who loves the written word!

    - Virginia P., 2016