A white cis woman in her thirties, with long brown hair, freckles, and a black and white collared shirt.




Maggie Cooper is an agent with Aevitas Creative Management, representing adult fiction and select nonfiction projects. Based in Boston, Maggie joined Aevitas in 2018. She holds a degree in English from Yale University, attended the Clarion Writers Workshop, and earned her MFA in fiction from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, where she served as an editor for The Greensboro Review. Prior to becoming an agent, she worked in the world of independent and university presses, as a bookseller, and as a teacher to students ages 10 through 85. Maggie is actively seeking adult literary and book club fiction, beach reads and romance, creative nonfiction, and select reported and prescriptive nonfiction projects, with an emphasis on queer voices, non-white perspectives, and writers from communities traditionally not centered by mainstream publishing. She loves imaginative writing, language that make the reader pause over its peculiar specificity, and books that embody a sense of humor, tenderness, or joy.

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SESSION: "I Hate My Cover!" and Other Tribulations: An Agent-Led Session on How to Navigate the Not-So-Good, the Really-Quite-Bad, and the Ugly of Publishing a Book

In publishing, as in life, sometimes things don't go the way we wish they would, and in this session, literary agent Maggie Cooper will offer some real talk about how to navigate the bumps in the road from manuscript submission to publication. Using sample scenarios, we'll explore three major strategies for navigating sticky situations like when your queries aren’t landing, when your manuscript doesn’t sell, and when your agent/editor/publisher doesn’t understand your vision. We'll also consider the ugly truth of how factors like racism and other forms of systemic oppression might impact your experience—and what you can do to be your own best advocate, identifying opportunities to feel connected and empowered as you bring your work into the world. Finally, we'll discuss strategies for cultivating our creativity and writing lives in the face of disappointments and challenges in order to continue doing our best work many years into the future.