White cis woman in her thirties, with medium length brown hair and glasses.

Lucy Cleland is a literary agent at Kneerim & Williams, representing idea-driven and narrative nonfiction of all stripes as well as upmarket fiction. A southern transplant to Boston from Atlanta, Lucy joined Kneerim & Williams in 2013 after graduating magna cum laude from Wellesley College. She works with a range of writers, from scholars to debut novelists, and she has sold books to publishing houses including Farrar, Straus & Giroux, W.W. Norton, Random House, Berkley, Chronicle, Grand Central Publishing, HarperCollins, and Sourcebooks. Her author's books have been NBCC Award Winners, PEN Awards winners, NPR Best Books of the Year, Book of the Month Club picks, and Pulitzer Prize finalists. Lucy's taste is eclectic -- but across genres she is drawn to the lives of creatives and rebels, perspectives that challenge us to see the world differently, and questions about identity and inheritance. She lives in JP with her wife and small reddish dog, and her current cultural obsessions are playing the NYT Spelling Bee and watching K-dramas.


In nonfiction, Lucy is always seeking talented literary writers who leverage the power of voice to draw readers into a unique subject or experience, and authors with sharp opinions who embrace bold concepts and write lucid, textured prose. In fiction, she loves historical novels that explore the lives of women or immerse readers in non-western settings, upmarket reads driven by a particularly fresh, edgy or speculative concept, and everything queer.


SIGN HERE: A Novel, by Claudia Lux (Berkley, Oct 2022)
STILL LIFE WITH BONES: Genocide, Forensics, and What Remains by Alexa Hagerty (Crown, Mar 2023)
THE LAST COLD PLACE: A Field Season Studying Penguins in Antartica, by Naira de Gracia (Scribner, April 2023)

Specializes In

FICTION: Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Upmarket Women's Fiction, Commercial Fiction, GLBT, Horror, Multi-Cultural

NONFICTION: Cultural/Social Issues, Current Affairs, History, Investigative Journalism, Memoir, Multi-Cultural, Narrative, Nature/Ecology, Memoir, Science, GLBT


FICTION: GLBT, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Horror, Commercial Fiction, Literary Fiction, Multi-Cultural, Romance, Science Fiction, Thrillers/Suspense, Upmarket Women's Fiction

NONFICTION: Adventure/True Story, Current/Social Issues, Current Affairs, GLBT, History, Investigative Journalism, Memoir, Multi-Cultural, Narrative, Nature/Ecology, Science, Pop Culture, Psychology, True Crime