A Texas native, Leah briefly moved to the East Coast to attend Rosemont College to pursue her dream of working in publishing. She graduated from Rosemont College with a B.A. in English and History and soon after became an agent at Ladderbird Literary Agency. Leah then went on to pursue and receive her M.A. in Publishing from her alma mater. Having accomplished her dream of working in publishing, she has since moved back to the South to begin her next adventure and continue searching for the next commercial YA or Adult project that will hook her (or make her cry).
Leah likes to spend her time enjoying the company of fictional characters more than people. But when not in the company of fictional characters, she likes to crochet, travel, hang out with friends and family, and catch up on the movies and tv shows she is always behind on.

Her projects include forthcoming books from H.D.Hunter, Ravynn K. Stringfield, a number of IP projects, and more! She is a tenacious advocate for BIPOC writers and is always looking for ways to bring more diverse intersectionality to the publishing industry.


More generally, she loves diverse and unique work that is fast-paced and has a complex cast of diverse characters. Give her something with good plot twists, conflicts that are hard-hitting, and scenarios that really makes her wonder if anyone is right. She is a huge sucker for camaraderie, banter, and the tight-knit, family-like group of friends trope. She is pretty much a fan of all the tropes. She's also really into morally gray characters and characters who have a hero-to-villain arc. Angry, evil, and "villainous" women are a sweet spot for her.


Something Like Right by H.D. Hunter
Love in 280 Characters or Less by Ravynn K. Stringfield


FICTION: Children's, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Picture Books, Romance, Thrillers/Suspense, Young Adult


FICTION: Commercial Fiction, Family Saga, Graphic Novels, Science Fiction, Upmarket Women's Fiction