Lan Samantha Chang




Lan Samantha Chang is the author of The Family Chao (2022). Her other books include a novel and stories, Hunger, and the novels Inheritance and All is Forgotten, Nothing is Lost. She has published fiction in The Atlantic and The Best American Short Stories. She has received grants from the Radcliffe Institute and the Guggenheim Foundation. A recent Berlin Prize Fellow, she lives in Iowa City.

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SESSION: How to Finish a Novel

As the late Irish poet Eavan Boland used to advise her students, "The only way out is through." And yet, when we are bogged down in a work of several hundred pages, it can be difficult to see a way through to the end. In this session, we will discuss several methods of puzzling our way to the end of our novels-in-progress. This will involve examining the sometimes treacherous structural path between the middle and the end, as well as various processes that might encourage us along that path. Participants are encouraged to ask questions.