An early 20s Black woman, with short black curly hair wearing a black vest with white flowers on the lapel and white top underneath.

Crystal’s love for novels first blossomed among the stacks of many Houston public libraries and it has grown stronger ever since. She hopes to represent and uplift authors whose stories allow readers to feel seen and heard in new and exciting ways.


For Fiction, I am looking for stories that explore culture, identity, and mental health all intertwined within a coming-of-age narrative, especially from a first- or second-generation immigrant perspective.

I’d love to see more adult characters questioning life and finding their footing or something where the main character is grappling with issues of becoming more independent or dealing with less-than-ideal familial relationships with a darker or fantastical twist as well.

In terms of non-fiction, anything where the writer is simply nerd-ing out on a concept that they care about or can see intricate "beautiful mind" patterns in their head that no one else can see (or cares to see just yet).


Sara Merten

Deena ElGenaidi

Leo D. Martinez

Specializes In

FICTION: Family Saga, Horror, Humor/Satire, Middle Grade, Multi-Cultural, Upmarket Women's Fiction

NONFICTION: Adventure/True Story, Cultural/Social Issues, Humor, Multi-Cultural, Narrative, Psychology, Women's Concerns


FICTION: Commercial Fiction, Fantasy, GLBT, Romance, Short Story Collections, Young Adult

NONFICTION: Dating/Relationships, GLBT, History, Investigative Journalism, Medical, Memoir, Men's Concerns, Pop Culture, Self-Help, True Crime