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Becky Tuch is a fiction and nonfiction writer based in Philadelphia, PA. She has been honored with awards and fellowships from The MacDowell Colony, The Somerville, MA Arts Council, Moment Magazine, Glimmer Train, and elsewhere. Her short fiction has appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies including Gulf Coast, Post Road, Salt Hill, Tikkun Magazine and Best of the Net. She is the Founding Editor of The Review Review, and now writes The Lit Mag News Roundup, a newsletter dedicated to lit mag publishing. Find her at


SESSION: Navigating the World of Literary Magazines

Literary magazines are a vital part of the literary ecosphere. They provide homes for our stories, short essays, and poetry. Building lit mag publishing credits also helps with landing fellowships, grants, literary agents, and more. But the world of lit mags can feel overwhelming. With over 6,000 journals on the market, how does a writer find the best homes for their work? Should writers enter contests? Are print lit mags more prestigious than online lit mags? How should cover letters be formatted? What should writers make of rejection letters, and when should writers keep trying their dream magazines?

In this session, Becky will help writers make sense of the lit mag landscape. She'll share the insights she has gleaned from years of speaking directly with journal editors, and will answer the many questions writers have about submissions. Participants will come away with the information needed to gain confidence and a sense of joy in the lit mag publication process.