BA Shapiro.




B. A. Shapiro is the award-winning and New York Times bestselling author of nine novels, including Metropolis (May, 2022), The Collector’s Apprentice, The Muralist, and The Art Forger, which won the New England Book Award for Fiction, among other honors. Her books have been selected as Community Reads throughout the country and have been translated into over a dozen languages. She holds a PhD in sociology and has directed research projects for a residential substance abuse facility, worked as a systems analyst/statistician, headed the Boston office of a software development firm, and served as an adjunct professor teaching sociology at Tufts University and creative writing at Northeastern University. She likes writing the best. Barbara splits her time between Boston and Naples, Florida.

Read more about B.A. Shapiro on her website.

SESSION: Classical Story Structure: You Don't Need to Use It But You Have to Understand It

Trouble, trouble, trouble is what you need to move your novel forward, create complex characters as well as a powerful ending—and most important, to keep your readers up beyond their bedtimes. Where does this trouble come from? How do you maintain it? How do you use it to your advantage? Classical story structure holds many of these answers. Before attending this class, we suggest that you read or watch The Godfather, as this story will be used for illustration. Please also bring a scene that you’ve written to use for the in-class exercises.