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A.E. Osworth is a transgender novelist. Their debut, We Are Watching Eliza Bright (Grand Central Publishing) was named a best book of 2021 by HPR, Harper's Bazaar, and The Globe and Mail. It was long-listed for The Center for Fiction First Novel Prize, The Brooklyn Public Library Literary Prize, and The Tournament of Books. They're currently Part-Time Faculty at The New School, where they teach fiction and digital storytelling, and they lead Catapult's first-ever novel generator exclusively for queer and trans authors. They live in Portland, Oregon, with many plants and a bicycle named Gertrude Stein.

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SESSION: Writing Collective “We” Narrators

The Virgin Suicides. Then We Came to the End. We Ride Upon Sticks. When it comes to fictionalizing our complex communities, be they a set of sisters or a field hockey team, the first person plural narrative point of view is a powerful tool and often overlooked as an option. This guided writing session takes authors through prompt exercises to sharpen their skill at writing from the “we” using A.E. Osworth’s four pillars of writing the collective: breadth of sight, scope of opinion, linguistic idiosyncrasies, and structure of knowledge. Our discussion will include not only the how of writing collective narrators, but will explore the why as well; in other words, how do you know whether this particular narrative strategy is the right one for your project?