A white woman in her late 20s with short brown hair and round tortoiseshell glasses wearing a floral black-and-white button-up.

Abby Muller is an editor at Abrams, where she acquires fiction for The Overlook Press and nonfiction for Abrams Press. Prior to joining Abrams in 2022, she spent six years at Algonquin Books. She is from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and received her B.A. in anthropology from Brown University. Outside of publishing, she enjoys TTRPGs, marching bands, embroidery, and dabbling in an inadvisable number of crafts.


In fiction, I look for literary and upmarket writing with deeply written characters and compelling emotional stakes. I love interesting, unusual premises and have a fondness for fiction that plays with the boundaries between literary and genre writing. I have a particular affinity for LGBTQ+ fiction and would like to see more works from disabled and neurodivergent writers, writers of color, and members of other underrepresented groups.

In nonfiction, my interests are broad, but are centered around smart, well-researched, accessible books that examine some aspect of how humans interact with each other or the world. For instance, I love cultural histories, subcultural deep dives, interdisciplinary approaches to STEM topics, journalistic exposés, and memoirs with a researched or reported element.

Across fiction and nonfiction, I appreciate a distinctive voice, a sense of humor, a drive towards introspection, and an attitude of empathy (on the part of the author, if not necessarily a novel’s characters).


Off the Edge, Kelly Weill

Idlewild, by James Frankie Thomas

Naked, by Fancy Feast

Specializes In

FICTION: LGBTQIA+, Literary Fiction, Multi-Cultural/Global Fiction, Family Saga

NONFICTION: Cultural/Social Issues, Investigative Journalism, LGBTQIA+, History, Science, Memoir, Narrative, Psychology, Pop Culture


FICTION: Crime, Family Saga, LGBTQIA+, Historical Fiction, Horror, Humor/Satire, Literary Fiction, Multi-Cultural/Global Fiction, Mystery, Thrillers/Suspense, Fantasy, Science Fiction

NONFICTION: Cultural/Social Issues, Investigative Journalism, LGBTQIA+, Current Affairs, Food & Lifestyle, History, Humor, Medical, Memoir, Multicultural/Global Perspectives, Narrative, Nature/Ecology, Parenting, Politics, Pop Culture, Psychology, Religion, Science, Technology, Travel