What is the Muse Buddy program? How do I sign up?

Though we try not to make it so, we know that a large writing conference can be lonely and overwhelming and intimidating, especially if you are attending for the first time. At this year’s conference, we will pair you with an experienced Muse-goer to make sure that you always have someone to check in with, turn to for advice, have lunch with, and/or help with goals. We hope and expect that your Muse Buddy will do the same for you. Our goal is to help you build a network, a partnership, a friendship, and possibly even a potential collaboration with another attendee. If you prefer to fly solo, don’t worry: this aspect of the conference is 100% opt-in.

To be a part of the Muse Buddy program you’ll just select “Yes!” when asked during your Muse registration. If you have any questions, send us an email at muse@grubstreet.org.