Rebecca Gradinger

Rebecca Gradinger joined Fletcher & Company in 2009 after previously working at Janklow & Nesbit and as a foreign literary scout.  Rebecca represents a wide range of literary fiction and narrative nonfiction. She holds a BA from Barnard College and a JD from the George Washington University Law Center.

What I'm Looking For

When it comes to fiction, I truly run on emotion and instinct.  I always know when a manuscript is a good fit when I start having imaginary editorial discussions with the author in my mind. With nonfiction projects, I’m looking for a similar level of passion and connection to the material but also to the subject matter–I like to work with people who are particularly insightful and who write really well about things that I care deeply about (or who write so well that they make me care deeply about things I didn’t think I cared about before). I particularly look for books that take me into unfamiliar worlds, or force me to look at the world differently.

Sample Titles or Authors

When a Line Becomes a River, Francisco Cantú
Costalegre, Courtney Maum
Quit Like a Woman, Holly Whitaker

More details coming soon!