Katie Grimm

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Born in Colorado and a graduate of Bowdoin College in Maine, Katie Grimm moved to New York City to be the assistant for Don Congdon Associates in 2007. She currently focuses on her own list of authors as well as handling several agency Estates, but she still greatly enjoys managing the business side of an agency with a list that spans 70 years. She is also a member of the AAR and SCBWI.

Her current client roster is divided between authors who write for adult and children’s audiences. In adult, she focuses on literary and upmarket fiction – be it voicey, historical, mysterious, or speculative – that has something to say. She's also looking for narrative non-fiction that blends the personal and investigative for a deeper emotional understanding of a topic. In kid’s, she loves the idea of finding new heartfelt and magical middle grade classics as well as young adult novels with genre elements and the immediacy of feeling that comes with being a teenager. Across all genres, she’s looking for books with a heartbeat, and she’ll always be interested in overcoming the darker side of human history as well as previously under- or misrepresented voices and experiences.

Sample Titles or Authors

Rabbit Cake, Annie Hartnett
Speak Easy, Speak Love, McKelle George
The Distance to Home, Jenn Bishop

Specializes In


Family Saga, Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction, Middle Grade, Multi-Cultural, Upmarket Women's Fiction, Young Adult


Cultural/Social Issues, Current Affairs, History, Investigative Journalism, Narrative, Pop Culture, Science, Women's Concerns



Crime, GLBT, Mystery, Short Story Collections, Thrillers/Suspense


Adventure/True Story, GLBT, Medical, Memoir, Multi-Cultural, True Crime