Beth Marshea

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Beth spent more than fifteen years working in industries outside of literature, but in that time she never lost her passion for books. Even after she wrote three novels of varying degrees of terrible, she knew she would find a way into the world of publishing. For several years she worked with small presses on their business strategy, when almost by accident she began matching writers she knew with these publishing houses. It finally occurred to her that her unique talent for finding quality writing, reading a market, and selling products could all be put to good use. Beth merged her undergraduate degree in literature and her MBA to form the fledgling literary agency, Ladderbird.

Ladderbird only began signing authors in September of 2017, but Beth has relationships with editors at all of the big five publishers and has a true and honest passion for getting beautiful, innovative writing out into the world. There's a saying in the marketing word, "Be unique, don't be the best". Beth is looking for writing that is not the best retelling of a long familiar tale (please don't pitch me another Romeo & Juliet or Boy and his dog story), but writing that makes new ideas fun and accessible to a broad audience. If you're up for an adventure, come over to Ladderbird.

Sample Titles or Authors

Froelich's Ladder, Jamie Yourdon
Sugarland, Tammy Lynne Stoner
Rations by Cody Luff (forthcoming)

Specializes In


Crime, Fantasy, GLBT, Historical Fiction, Horror, Literary Fiction, Multi-Cultural, Mystery, Science Fiction, Thrillers/Suspense, Young Adult


Cultural/Social Issues, Current Affairs, GLBT, Multi-Cultural, Narrative, Politics, Psychology, Science, Self-Help, Spirituality



Commercial Fiction, Graphic Novels, Humor/Satire, Middle Grade, Upmarket Women's Fiction


Adventure/True Story, Memoir, Men's Concerns, Technology, Travel, Women's Concerns

Other Specialties

Cross genre