What to Bring

What to Bring

Be sure to bring a pen and a notebook or laptop. We will provide a folder and any handouts you may need. If your session descriptions ask you to bring or read work in advance, please do so according to the description’s guidelines. We also recommend bringing a water bottle and, if you’re a coffee drinker, a thermos.

Please do not bring full manuscripts, completed novels, short story collections or excerpts of your work unless specified by the Manuscript Mart or in session descriptions. You will have the opportunity to meet agents and editors informally, and we suggest you ask for their cards if you are interested in submitting work for their consideration. Agents and editors have been instructed not to accept unsolicited manuscripts of any kind at the conference.

What To Wear

Dress comfortably, but please note that proper business or casual attire – no ripped jeans or athletic wear, please! – is requested by the Park Plaza Hotel. We strongly recommend wearing layers to accommodate unexpected and sometimes baffling temperature changes in session rooms.

Selling Your Books: Attendee Pop-Up Bookstore

If you are an attendee with a published book of your own, you are welcome to sell copies in the Attendee Pop-Up Bookstore. Note that you will be responsible for collecting payment and displaying your books alongside those of other attendees. All we ask is that you tell us ahead of time that you plan to bring your books so that we can reserve a spot for you. Email muse@grubstreet.org.