Shop Talk Happy Hour

These tables are an opportunity to network and socialize with invited literary agents and editors. Shop Talk tables are groups of 2-3 agents and up to 3 attendees. There are at least two literary agents at every table and no more than four participants. You may reserve a seat in advance so that you’ll know exactly with whom you’ll be sitting. Halfway through the hour, we will break so that more informal connections can be made; the goal is to maximize the number of personal connections you can make with agents and editors.

The event venue is TBD, but will be near Park Plaza Hotel on Friday, April 6th, 2018 5:30-6:30pm. To reserve a spot, you must request a 1st choice of table and pay an additional $75 tax-deductible fee as you register for the conference. Please note that the table configurations are subject to change; if a presenter is no longer able to attend the Shop Talk, GrubStreet makes every effort to replace that person with a similar presenter.

 Table #1 ***SOLD OUT***

  1. Rachel Letofsky (Literary Agent)
  2. Tanya McKinnon (Literary agent)
 Table #2 ***SOLD OUT***

  1. Allison Hunter (Literary Agent)
  2. Jennifer Chen Tran (Literary Agent)
Table #3 ***SOLD OUT***

  1. Ayesha Pande (Literary Agent)
  2. Eve Attermann (Literary Agent)
 Table #4 ***SOLD OUT***

  1. Erin Harris (Literary Agent)
  2. Eleanor Jackson (Literary Agent)
 Table #5 ***SOLD OUT***

  1. April Eberhardt (Literary Agent)
  2. Susanna Einstein (Literary Agent)
Table #6 ***SOLD OUT***

  1. Miriam Altshuler (Literary Agent)
  2. Katie Zanecchia (Literary Agent)
 Table #7 ***SOLD OUT***

  1. Reiko Davis (Literary Agent)
  2. Jonah Straus (Literary Agent)
 Table #8 ***SOLD OUT***

  1. Robert Guinsler (Literary Agent)
  2. Katie Grimm (Literary Agent)
Table #9 ***SOLD OUT***

  1. Jessica Papin (Literary Agent)
  2. Lori Galvin (Literary Agent)
 Table #10 ***SOLD OUT***

  1. Kimiko Nakamura (Literary Agent)
  2. Noah Ballard (Literary Agent)
 Table #11 ***SOLD OUT***

  1. Rob Arnold (Literary Agent)
  2. Danielle Bukowski (Literary Agent)
Table #12 ***SOLD OUT***

  1. Mitchell Waters (Literary Agent)
  2. Julia Masnik (Literary Agent)
 Table #13 ***SOLD OUT***

  1. Kaitlyn Johnson (Literary Agent)
  2. Paige Sisley (Literary Agent)
 Table #14 ***SOLD OUT***

  1. Beth Marshea (Literary Agent)
  2. Regina Brooks (Literary Agent)
Table #15 ***SOLD OUT***

    1. Annie Hwang (Literary Agent)
    2. Monica Odom (Literary Agent)
 Table #16 ***SOLD OUT***

  1. Quressa Robinson (Literary Agent)
  2. Sarah Bedingfield (Literary Agent)
 Table #17 ***SOLD OUT***

  1. Stephanie Delman (Literary Agent)
  2. Rob Spillman (Literary Magazine Editor)
Table #18 ***SOLD OUT***

  1. Katherine Fausset (Literary Agent)
  2. Nate Brown (Literary Magazine Editor)
 Table #19 ***SOLD OUT***

  1. Anjali Singh (Literary Agent)
  2. Stephen Barr (Literary Agent)
 Table #20 ***SOLD OUT***

  1. Marisa Corvisiero (Literary Agent)
  2. Chris Bucci (Literary Agent)
Table #21 ***SOLD OUT***

  1. Christine Pride (Editor)
  2. Rayhané Sanders (Literary Agent)
 Table #22 ***SOLD OUT***

  1. Steve Woodward (Editor)
  2. Samantha Shea (Literary Agent)
 Table #23 ***SOLD OUT***

  1. Christopher Hernandez (Editor)
  2. Eric Smith (Literary Agent)
 Table #24 ***SOLD OUT***

  1. Lucy Cleland (Literary Agent)
  2. Sorche Fairbank (Literary Agent)
 Table #25 ***SOLD OUT***

  1. Laura Perciasepe (Editor)
  2. Dana Murphy (Literary Agent)