Session Tracks

Choosing from 120+ sessions can be overwhelming, so we have grouped sessions into 9 suggested “tracks” based on broad common interests of previous attendees. Unlike most conferences, we ask attendees to choose their sessions ahead of time, and these tracks are a great way to get a sense of how you’ll meet your goals for the weekend. There is a place at the Muse for writers at every stage of their development: from the fundamentals of effective prose to the most effective strategies of book promotion and publicity.

  1. Essentials of Writing and Publishing
  2. Publishing & Promotion
  3. The Craft of Fiction
  4. The Craft of Non-Fiction
  5. Writing for Children & Young Adults
  6. The Writer’s Life: Tips, Tricks, and Guidance
  7. Writers of Color Track
  8. Advanced Track
  9. Next Level Sh*t: Revising & Strengthening Your Draft