martsquareHow to Sign Up

1.) Research the available consultants.
We have provided their bios and an organized list of which genres they represent to help you choose a good match for your work. With each name you will see the number of slots remaining with that agent or editor.

2.) Register and pay for the conference online.

During the registration process, select your 1st choice of agent or editor you’d like to meet. You may reserve as many appointments as you’d like during registration; to make additional appointments afterward email Hanna at You must register for the conference to participate in the Manuscript Mart.

In the weeks following your registration, look out for an email from Hanna requesting your two back up agent and editor choices. If we are unable to schedule you with your first choice agent or editor and we do not have other choices on file, we will assign you to another reviewer.

We are not able to accommodate any changes to your requests. If you are attending the conference for 1 day only, we’ll do our best to ensure that you meet with that consultant on that day. If that’s not possible, we may ask you to come in briefly on a different day for your appointment.

Registration is conducted on a strictly first-come, first-served basis. The Manuscript Mart has sold out every year it has been offered.

The Manuscript Mart fee of $195 is NOT a reading fee. Participating editors and agents are donating their time and are not paid per appointment.

3.) Get your Manuscript Sample ready.

See submission guidelines below. We strongly recommend polishing your 20-page sample and making it as strong as you possibly can. It should represent your best work, and preferably be the first 20 pages of a book-length manuscript.

If you choose to include a query letter, you can find suggestions for writing one here.

If you choose to include a 1-page synopsis, you can find advice on writing one here.

After Monday, March 13th, you may contact Hanna at and she will tell you who you are 90% likely to meet with. With this information, you’ll have 3 weeks to tailor your query letter for that person.

4.) Format and submit your manuscript.
Your manuscript is due by Tuesday, April 4th, 2017 at 12:00pm EST. See the Application Guidelines below to correctly format your manuscript and submit it via our online form. Under no circumstances can we accept manuscripts after the deadline, and we cannot offer refunds or credits if you do not submit it on time.

5.) Relax and wait! 
On Friday, April 28th, 2017, you will receive an email with your full conference itinerary, including your official Manuscript Mart placements and appointment times.

Your selections for the Manuscript Mart represents a series of REQUESTS to be placed with a particular consultant, and NOT official placement. While it’s extremely likely that you will be placed with all your top choices if those choices are available at the time of registration, we cannot guarantee those placements. GrubStreet reserves the right to make changes to our conference offerings at any time due to unforeseen circumstances, but will always tell you in advance if that happens.

Application Guidelines 

1.) Your submission may consist of up to 20 pages of a single fiction or non-fiction manuscript. Your agent or editor will not read beyond 20 pages, so please keep your manuscript to this length. For book-length projects, you may also add an additional and optional 1-page query letter and/or 1-page synopsis of the work as a whole.

2.) Your manuscript pages must be double-spaced, numbered, titled, in black 12-point Times New Roman font, on white 8 1/2 X 11-inch electronic pages, with a 1-inch minimum margin on all sides. Submissions that do not conform to this format will not be read. Your name and the genre in which you are submitting (fiction, non-fiction, memoir, etc.) must appear at the top of each page of your submission. Please be as specific as to your intended genre as possible, e.g. “literary memoir” or “upmarket commercial fiction.” If you are not familiar with these genres, this infographic may be useful.

3.) Your 1-page query letter– if you include one– must be single-spaced. For suggestions on how to format an effective query letter, see this useful site. Address the letter with “Dear Editor” or “Dear Agent.”

4.) Your 1-page synopsis– if you include one– must be single-spaced. For useful advice on writing a synopsis, click here.

5.) Compile your entire submission into a single Microsoft Word document– that is, just one document should contain your 20 manuscript pages, plus the additional query letter and/or synopsis if you choose. This means that the total document should be no more than 22 pages.

The name of the file MUST be your full name– example: CharlesDickens.doc. Submissions without such a name will not be accepted. The file must end in a .doc, .docx, .txt, or .rtf extension.

To submit different manuscripts to different agents/editors (if you have registered for more than one appointment), submit each manuscript with the desired agent/editor’s name added to the file name. Example: EmilyDickinson_Attermann.doc. This example tells us that this is Emily Dickinson’s manuscript and that it should be sent to the agent Eve Attermann.