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Muse 2018: Session proposal

Thank you for your interest in a Muse and the Marketplace 2018 Teaching Scholarship! Being a Teaching Scholar is a rare opportunity to present your work and ideas to a large audience of fellow aspiring and emerging writers of fiction and non-fiction. Teaching Scholars receive complimentary full-weekend passes to the Muse and the Marketplace conference, including VIP presenter parties. Unfortunately, GrubStreet cannot provide compensation or reimbursement for travel and hotel costs. Please answer all questions to submit your presentation proposal no later than Monday, October 9th, 2017. We’ll ask you for:

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Session Title, Description, & Format

What We’re Looking For

Our conference offers two kinds of sessions: “Muse” sessions that focus on some element of the craft of fiction and/or non-fiction, and “Marketplace” sessions, which focus on some aspect of publishing. From our Teaching Scholars, we seek thoughtfully-designed sessions that either look at a familiar element of craft or an aspect of publishing in a new way, OR look at a new or often-overlooked element of craft or an aspect of publishing in a clear and compelling way.

Sessions range from 1hr to 2 hours, depending on the conference day and the topic. We’re also excited about interactive sessions that get people writing in-class, actively involved in debate or discussion, or which introduce them to a genre or publishing option not covered by the conference. Think of this as a teaching laboratory, a place to explore an idea you’ve had kicking around in your head for a while. Or think of it as a place to show off how clearly and compellingly you can present a familiar but complex topic.

We are particularly interested in approaches to fiction, non-fiction and publishing from a diverse range of backgrounds and traditions. The best way to familiarize yourself with what we’re looking for is to read through the sessions offered at the 2017 conference. Please know that if we covered a topic last year, that doesn’t mean we won’t want your take on it this year.We’re looking for writers who like to teach. Writers who are actively submitting and publishing stories and essays. If you have a(nother) book coming out in the next year or so, that’s a bonus but not required.

What We’re Not Looking For

In a word: panels. We find that format tired, and we suspect that you have, too. At the 2018 conference, we will again be offering only solo presentations and those co-led by no more than two presenters. In rare cases, we will offer a conversation moderated by a third presenter. Please do not submit proposals for sessions featuring more than 3 presenters.

Your session will likely flow from your work or experience – and, in that way, they will likely inspire book sales and even post-conference business – but this is not the place to hawk your book or audition for new clients. We are not interested in sessions that are thinly-veiled advertisements for your fiction, non-fiction or publishing-related services.

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