Accessibility Statement

Ensuring that the Muse 2018 is accessible to all attendees is a top priority. The newly renovated conference hotel contains elevator and ramp access to all floors, and offers special ADA-compliant guest rooms. There are still certain areas that may require staff assistance to access, which we are happy to provide. To arrange for any special accommodations, or to voice an ADA-related concern, please contact Hanna Katz, at, or call 617-695-0075.

Anti-Harassment Policy

We at Grub take our writing seriously; ourselves, not so much. We hope you savor this time to put your writing first, and to enjoy yourself while you’re here.

GrubStreet strives to be a rigorous and welcoming community where all writers-- whether attendee, presenter, or staff-- can feel supported to do our best work. As we prepare for days ahead, here are a few guidelines to help us have a fun and productive weekend.

What you can expect:

  • You and your work will be treated with respect by our staff, presenters, and your fellow attendees.

What we expect (from attendees, presenters, and staff):

  • That you’ll refrain from disruptive behavior. This includes (but is not limited to) any behavior that impedes the learning process, disrupts conference presenters, and/or interferes in any way with other attendees’ ability to get what they need (or want) out of a session. Such behavior will not be tolerated. Attendees engaging in disruptive, aggressive, or antagonistic behavior may be immediately dismissed from the conference.
  • That you’ll also treat others with respect, honesty, and a generosity of spirit. Harassment-- whether verbal, physical, or sexual-- of attendees, presenters, volunteers, sponsors, or staff members will not be tolerated, and may result in immediate dismissal from the conference.

What we can’t guarantee:

  • There won’t be any changes. We do our best to keep the schedule consistent with what we’ve posted online, but sometimes we have to make changes due to circumstances beyond our control.
  • That your sessions will be perfect. 
  • You’ll get published/signed/etc. We do our best to offer a rigorous environment that will help you improve your writing and understanding of the marketplace. We cannot, however, guarantee you fame and fortune as a writer-- at least not yet! See this as a time to learn, meet new people, and deepen connections that can help you in the future.