Tanusri Prasanna ***SOLD OUT***

Tanusri Prasanna is an agent at Foundry Literary + Media, after a recent move from Hannigan Salky Getzler (HSG) Agency. A lawyer by training, Tanusri has a PhD in legal philosophy & human rights from Oxford University, and a Master’s degree from Harvard Law School. She has previous worked in the legal department of the World Bank in Washington and as a teaching fellow at Columbia Law School.  An avid fan of children’s literature, Tanusri joined a book club devoted to kidlit in 2012, which sowed the seeds of her decision to become a literary agent specializing in children’s books. To this end, before joining HSG, she gained valuable experience interning at Knopf Young Readers and Foundry Literary + Media.

Tanusri is actively looking for middle grade and young adult novels. She is also selectively seeking picture books that have a strong conceptual or character-driven hook. In YA, she would love a fantasy that transports her into a different world, contemporary stories with a touch of romance that make you weep and laugh at the same time (like a more contemporary version of a John Hughes movie, think The Breakfast Club with a Twitter handle!), and novels that tackle social justice issues with nuance and empathy. In middle-grade, Tanusri loves school stories, plots involving problem-solving and stories with vulnerable yet resilient protagonists who can break your heart.

Tanusri was born and raised in India and has strong roots in the Indian sub-continent. She lives with her husband and two children in a household of multiple languages and religions; together they cover all four houses of Hogwarts (even Slytherin). Given her varied professional and personal background, Tanusri is also eager to find writers who can authentically articulate diverse voices and communicate the beautiful complexity of the world around us in their stories.

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